Shadclean Postformed Doorsets

Shadclean encapsulated doorsets are an outstanding solution in the healthcare, food and leisure sectors where they provide excellent hygiene, safety, resilience and ease of cleaning.

They are available in any colour, with the options of vision panels, fire and acoustic performance and electromagnetic protection if required.

  • Supplied as doorset only for assured performance.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Visually pleasing, non-institutional, with an almost unlimited choice of bright or restful colours.
  • Robust and resilient for busy and demanding environments.
  • Suitable for locations where they will be subject to frequent use and a degree of abuse.
  • Fire resisting FD30 or FD60 or non fire-rated as required.
  • Electromagnetic and X-ray protection if needed (non fire-rated only).

Thermoplastic encapsulated door leaves with a choice of core material.

Block core: solid timber core of narrow laminated spruce sections faced on both sides with chipboard, providing outstanding stability and accuracy.

Particle core: high density solid chipboard core giving consistent performance and durability without subfacings or internal framing.

Both types of core can satisfy FD60, FD30 and non fire-rating requirements.

Door frames
Timber with traditional planted stop, rebated stop or split-frame.
Frame finish: may be fully encapsulated to match the door leaf, lacquered timber, or primed ready for site painting.


Doors can be supplied with vision panels in a variety of types, arrangements and sizes, including panels compliant with Building Regulations Part M (BS 8300).

Vision panels can be fitted with various types of glazing including clear glass, obscured glass, privacy panel, smart glass (controllable light transmission) or integral blind. Consult Shadbolt for more information.

Glazing beads: flush system or overclad beads (removable for replacement of glass).


Doorsets can be supplied with complete ironmongery packages to suit the application or location.

Additional protection
Numerous options for protection of doors and users, including door edge and frame guards, impact/kick plates, safety hinges, anti-ligature components


Available as single, double, and one and a half door leaves. Also as sliding or bi-fold doorsets (these are not fire or acoustic rated, and not suitable for privacy panels).

Doorsets are purpose-made to sizes required subject to performance limits. Sizes are validated by independent test and assessments as providing the performance stated.

Contact our technical department for more information and suitability of sizes before specifying.


Shadclean doors can be supplied in almost any feasible colour in either smooth or textured finish. Examples of colours are shown here as an indication only and do not represent a standard or limited range. Any practicable glazing arrangement can be supplied in any colour. Frames can be in the same colour as the door, or in a complementary colour.

Colours can be specified for convenience using a recognised colour system such as NCS, BS, RAL (but are not limited to these). Alternatively specifiers can provide a colour sample for matching. Due to variations in on-screen displays, final choice of colour should always be made from actual samples, which Shadbolt can supply on request.


Available as fire resisting FD30 or FD60 doors as established by test (subject to sizes required).

Fire resistance not available for sliding or folding doors.


Available as acoustic doorsets providing from 30db up to 41dB rating.

Not available for sliding or folding doors.

For imaging (X-rays, MRI scanners etc) and other potentially hazardous areas, doors can be supplied with lead lining for protection against X-rays, gamma rays, magnetic fields and radio waves.

These doors can include glazed vision panels in limited sizes.

Shadclean doors can be supplied with lead shielding to the door leaf and frame for X-ray protection. The design provides a complete barrier to X-rays travelling in a straight line from the source. Pairs of doors with continuity of shielding can also be supplied.

Code 3 lead (nominal 1.32mm thickness, weight 16 kg/m2) is generally used but a higher level of protection can be provided if required. Consideration should also be given to the provision of protective lobbies where higher levels of X-rays are expected.

Specification of supporting hardware must take into account the additional weight of these doors and the need to maintain the integrity of protection. There may also be a need for specialist equipment for handling and installing the doors.

Shadbolt can give advice on standards of protection and suitable hardware for X-ray doors. For more information please contact our technical department.

Suitable for severe duty.


Because our products are purpose-made and can be designed to meet particular requirements, we strongly recommend that specifiers consult Shadbolt when preparing a specification.
As a guide, specimen clauses for doors are given in Shadbolt Specification Clauses (registered clients only). Alternatively see NBS Plus Specifications.

Door schedules
To assist specifiers our computerised processing system can provide detailed computerised door schedules identifying each door type and its full specification. These can be keyed to location plans if required to ensure each door is installed in the correct position.
These schedules allow quick and accurate revisions to dimensions and specifications. Once decisions are finalised, a design freeze is imposed to prevent further changes, and the final agreed schedule is then used to control manufacturing. This system enables us to handle many variants in complex and large-scale projects with the minimum of fuss.


NBS PLUS SpecificationS

Shadbolt products are now listed within NBS Plus, part of the NBS industry standard specification software used by architects and other construction industry professionals.

NBS specification clauses for Shadbolt products have been compiled in collaboration with RIBA Enterprises. These clauses are intended to enable the specifier to clearly identify which Shadbolt product solution is the most suitable for a given application.

Information found within NBS Plus is regularly updated to ensure specifiers have access to our most recent product information.


Correct installation of a door is fundamental to its performance, and it is strongly recommended that doors are installed by an accredited installer, for example one certified under the Exova BM TRADA Q-Mark scheme.
Installation instructions are available from Shadbolt. Door leaves can be installed in the same way as solid timber doors and require no special tools or techniques (subject to the proviso for X-ray doors above).

Regular inspection and maintenance are essential to ensure that doors retain their design performance throughout their life.
For more information please contact our technical department.