Veneer selection service

We hold extensive stocks of many different veneers from all over the world, offering a wide choice of species, grain, figure and colours.

All veneers are sustainably sourced. Finished samples can be quickly prepared to assist and confirm selection. Once we are actively working on a project, stocks of veneer can be held on reserve for that scheme.

veneer schemes

We can, if required, exercise full aesthetic control of the veneers for a project. Selection of veneer leaves is closely managed to ensure good matching throughout, to achieve a coherent effect.

Working from architects’ or contractors’ construction drawings we prepare key plans; every door and panel is then individually identified by a reference code on the plan and during manufacture. Frames, architraves, skirtings and fittings can also be co-ordinated within a scheme.

For those looking for the closest attention to detail, we offer a service where the client can come and select the veneers in person in the factory.