Veneer samples

Samples of veneers, finished as required, can be provided for supportive specifiers with whom we are actively working on a project, as an aid to selection or for presentation purposes. For advice from our specialist team please contact us.

The online version of the Green Box gives a taste of the range of veneers available, as well as the facility to view more detailed information on each family of veneers, download an image or request a sample. Please note that Burr veneers are for information only, and are not available as free samples.

Our online samples fall into five broad colour-related groupings. Click any veneer below to show all the veneers in that colour group.


At Shadbolt, we have vast experience and expertise of applying stains to veneers in order to provide you with the veneer pattern you like, to the exact colour and hue you require.

A wide selection of veneer stains are shown below for you to peruse.