Fire doors & doorsets

Our range of Shadbolt fire doors and doorsets are independently third party tested, assessed and certified by UKAS-accredited bodies to attest to performance of 30, 60, 90 and 120 minutes of fire resistance.


The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order or FSO now requires building owners and managers to undertake responsibility for the fire safety of properties under their control. They must carry out fire risk assessments and be able to show that they have provided adequate and reasonable fire safety precautions for their premises.

All premises must have a responsible person (generally the owner, occupier or employer) who must carry out an annual fire risk assessment and must be able to show that they have provided adequate and reasonable fire safety precautions for their premises. This would include ensuring that fire and escape doors are suitable for their function, have the correct hardware fitted and are appropriately maintained. They must also be able to produce documentation showing that relevant products are suitable for their application.

Guidance on the implementation of a fire risk management plan is available from the Department for Communities and Local Government. The responsible person, if not an expert, would also be advised to make use of the services of a specialist fire safety consultant.

Under changes to the Building Regulations 2010 Part 8, a person carrying out building work must give appropriate fire safety information to the responsible person (as defined by the RRFSO 2005) on completion of the work or the date of occupation of the building.

This information will cover those aspects of the design and construction of the building which will help the responsible person to operate and maintain the building safely.

Shadbolt fire doors and doorsets are supplied to meet current Building Regulations and the latest edition of Approved Document B, which gives minimum periods of fire resistance required for doors according to their position, and other requirements.

Under Approved Document B for England and Wales, and the Technical Standards for Scotland, doors may be tested to BS 476: Part 22 (designated FD30 or FD60), or to BS EN 1634-1: 2000 (designated E30 or E60).

Doors which are also required to control the passage of smoke have the suffix S or Sa.

Shadbolt have carried out a comprehensive programme of testing to the more demanding BS EN 1634-1: 2000 Fire resistance tests for door and shutter assemblies – Part 1: Fire doors and shutters.

For further information please refer to Government website.

Shadbolt, when supplying fire doorsets, will assist our customers (contractor, architect or client) to meet their obligations under the FSO and Building Regulations by providing the relevant information and documentation necessary to identify, operate and maintain our products, including for example product literature, fixing instructions and maintenance information.


Fire performance of Shadbolt doors is validated by independent tests by UKAS-accredited bodies in a comprehensive range of sizes and opening configurations to cover the widest possible range of applications. Thus the fire performance that will be achieved in an actual door is established with a high degree of confidence. Tests cover single or double leaf and single or double acting doors, with and without overpanels, glazed apertures and rebated meeting stiles.

Performance is also assured by ongoing independent third party certification under the BM TRADA Q-Mark or an equivalent scheme. This covers auditing of door construction, fire tests, factory production control, and fixing instructions. All certificated door leaves are identified by labelling applied to the hanging edge.
Design freedom is increased by authoritative assessments by UKAS-accredited bodies. Variations from a tested door design are assessed, and a certified specification can be provided for that particular variant, which is regarded as having the same status as a fire test, as permitted by Approved Document B.

Copies of test reports and authoritative assessments are available for all door specifications.



A Shadbolt fire doorset is a complete component designed and tested as a whole. It comprises a door leaf pre-hung in a frame, with fire and smoke seals, ironmongery and glazing fitted, and generally fully finished. The doorset supplied will be the same as that tested, and there is no risk of unsuitable components being introduced on site.



Shadbolt fire doors can also be supplied as smoke control doors complying with the performance requirement of Approved Document B. They resist the passage of smoke at ambient temperature (ie in the early stages of a fire, before intumescent seals have had time to activate).

Smoke control doors are fitted with suitable rigid or flexible cold smoke seals to the door edges or in the door frame. Seals are designed and located to avoid interference with ironmongery and intumescent seals, and do not affect the ease of opening the door.



Building Regulations Approved Document B recommends that fire doors are installed by members of an independent product conformity certification scheme.

There are many UK product certification schemes. Such schemes certify compliance with the requirements of a recognised document which is appropriate to the purpose for which the material is to be used. Materials which are not so certified may still conform to a relevant standard. Many certification bodies which approve such schemes are accredited by UKAS.

Since the fire performance of a product, component or structure is dependent upon satisfactory site installation and maintenance, independent schemes of certification and registration of installers and maintenance forms of such will provide confidence in the appropiate standard of worksmanship being provided.